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LaaMPS® - Lighting as a Managed Professional Service

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In the same way that Software as a Service (SasS) is delivered, Elumenarti introduces LaaMPS® - a range of professionally managed lighting services, advice, and design support for government, municipalities, utilities, universities, hospitals, public transport authorities, and property owners in a simple monthly paid invoice.

The time consumed seeking scope quotations for lighting design and advice on a “project by project” basis can be expensive in the short-term and result in inconsistencies in the strategic direction of the ongoing management of lighting proving costly long term.

Employing specialist personnel requires additional software, tools, and resources yet performance outcomes can be difficult to quantify making accurate forecasting of return on investment nearly impossible; increasing operational costs.

LaaMPS® delivers impartial, qualified, certified, and insured professional lighting services in a cost effective, monthly paid sum with defined services and outcomes tailored to individual needs.

A scaled pricing approach means choosing the service level you need and the quantity of lighting services you require:

  • Lighting Designs
  • Strategic advice
  • Tender assessment
  • Team project meetings
  • Smart city insights
  • Asset Inspections
  • Site Visits
  • Masterplans and Visualisations
  • Luminaire Appraisals
  • Operational Maintenance Strategies

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Confidential, Impartial and Product Agnostic

We maintain the strictest confidentiality by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Statutory Declaration assuring our impartiality to act for no conflicting party to the delivery of lighting services.

  • We discourage offers of gifts or inducements from suppliers or related parties and maintain a gift registry that is open to audit and scrutinisation by all our customers.
  • We will not advertise or seek to promote our business and our relationship with you in any form of social media or print press TV or digital media including our company website.
  • We act in the same way that your employees are required to maintain corporate confidentiality.
  • We advocate for you and your interests only in relation to the delivery of lighting asset management services in your jurisdiction or market region

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